August 28, 2023

Halloween Mug Rug

Hi, I’m Susan from and I’ve just started my holiday sewing. From Halloween to New Year’s Day, there are lots of opportunities to sew, making costumes, seasonal home décor items, and gifts for friends and family. My first holiday project is for Halloween, a simple hexagon mug rug made of triangles. Quilters Select 60 Degree Ruler This specialty ruler is the perfect tool for…

August 14, 2023

Fuse and Piece Quilt Block

Hi, I’m Susan from and recently I wrote a post on several types of interlinings that add support and body to your fabric for various applications. In this post, I’m going to focus on one of the interlinings, Select Fabric Prep, and show you another use for it. You can piece this 8” block stitching only 8 seams instead of 24 with traditional piecing.…

August 7, 2023

An Old Applique Technique with a New Tool to Make It Easier

Appliqué is a fun technique with many variations. Hi, I’m Susan from and in this post, I want to show you an appliqué technique from the 17th century that stitchers are still using today! Broderie Perse is a French phrase that means Persian embroidery. The appliqué shapes for this technique are cut from printed fabric. Originally, the shapes were cut from printed chintz, which…

August 3, 2023

Clarrisa’s Corner: Embroidered Rope Bowl

Here’s What you’ll need: • Clothesline rope. There are different thicknesses but any cord will work.• A pressure foot that has a channel on the bottom so the cord will feed through the channel. I also like an open toe foot to allow me to see where I am stitching.• An extension table for your machine if you have one.• (optional) Quilter’s Select Para cotton…

July 31, 2023

Benefits of Rotary Cutting

One of the best advances (in my opinion) in sewing tools over the last few decades has been rotary cutting tools. Hi, I’m Susan with and in this post, I’m showing you the cutting tools I use plus my favorite way to cut bias binding. These tools are from Quilters Select tools from RNK Distributing. Why Use a Rotary Cutter? Scissors have been around…

July 24, 2023

What’s Inside Your Sewing Project?

Hi, I’m Susan from and today’s post is about what happens inside your projects as you create them. I’m going to focus on one type of material, which is interlining, but first, let’s look at two additional materials that are similar but used for different purposes. Even the names of all of them are somewhat similar and it can be confusing to keep them…

July 10, 2023

Which Batting Should You Choose?

When making a quilt, the batting plays an important part in the look and feel of the finished quilt. Hi, I’m Susan from and this post is about several types of specialty battings that can be used to make quilts and other quilted projects such as purses, placemats, diaper bags, wall hangings, art quilts, and more. The battings in this post are distributed by…

July 6, 2023

Clarrisa’s Corner July 6

This week on Clarrisa's Corner, Clarrisa Gossett is sharing her secret ingredient #3 for beautiful embroidery every time! Download Secret Ingredients 3 PDF

July 3, 2023

Collage Coasters

These useful coasters have a cork base and a quilted surface. Made of scraps, are easy to sew and are great as a gift item. Hi, This is Susan from, and today’s post has some of my favorite techniques and uses some of products, so let’s get started! Supplies Four 6” squares of Sew-Fab-Foam (foam stabilizer).Assorted scraps of any size and any shape.Four 5”…

June 26, 2023

Stars and Stripes Pillow Wrap

Do you like to decorate your house for all or most holidays? Do you like to make your own decorations? Independence Day is coming up soon and I have an easy way to add holiday touches to your home decor. Hi, I’m Susan from and this post is about changing your decorator pillows to celebrate the current holiday season. Start with a neutral color…